Aerial view of Parc des Grandes Fougères in Farino, New Caledonia.Great Ferns Park, Farino
©Great Ferns Park, Farino|NCT

Great Ferns Park

in Farino

Spread across 4,535 hectares of tropical rainforest, this park in the South Province of New Caledonia is an expansive nature haven! While the tree fern takes centre stage, a plethora of endemic flora and fauna awaits your observation. Keep an eye out for the iconic cagou, emblem of the Caledonian archipelago. Whether you opt for a calm walk, horseback riding, or a themed guided tour, each activity allows you to marvel at the exceptional biodiversity thriving within the forest!

The park covers the communes of Farino, Sarraméa and Moindou in New Caledonia’s South Province. From Nouméa, it takes 1 hour and 45 minutes by car to reach it. The itinerary takes the RT1, the main route linking the south and north of Grande Terre. The entrance to the Grandes Fougères park is 6 kilometres from the village of Farino. Line 12 buses run by the Raï bus network operate between Nouméa and Farino. Please note, however, that you’ll need to find your own way to the park entrance. From the Place de la Mairie, head towards the Plaine aux Truies, then Route de la Scierie. Follow this road for 6 kilometres until you reach the park’s free parking lot.

  • The park is open every day except Tuesday, from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (entry until 3:30 p.m.).
  • Entrance to the park is priced at 300/400 XPF (free for children under 6).
  • Picnic tables on site (bring your own lunch).
  • Bring good shoes! Walking sticks may be useful in wet weather.
    Pets are not allowed.
  • Payment only by cheque or cash.
  • Removal of any plant, mineral or animal from the park is strictly forbidden.
Top 5 things to do in the park

1. Take one of the hiking trails

The Giant Ferns Park, the green lung of New Caledonia
The Giant Ferns Park, the green lung of New Caledonia
The Giant Ferns Park, the green lung of New Caledonia

Explore the heart of the park with its 40 kilometres of well-marked trails, offering a range of hiking, horse-riding, and mountain-biking activities. Whether you’re planning a family outing or a more strenuous day of walking, the trail map available at the park entrance helps you choose the route that best suits your preferences. For a unique experience, consider booking a horseback ride through the park’s diverse landscapes, providing picturesque views along the way. Additionally, if you’re in a group of four or more, you can request the services of a hiking guide, and mountain biking enthusiasts are welcome to bring their own bikes.

2. Take a guided tour

Ornithological or Botanical

The tribes of New Caledonia know better than anyone the medicinal virtues of the island’s endemic plants and essences. To explore the park accompanied by a local guide is to open up to the ancestral knowledge and know-how of the region’s inhabitants. Another original and authentic way to discover New Caledonia’s wildlife is to book a birdwatching tour. Led by a passionate expert well-versed in the archipelago’s endemic avian species, you’ll learn to observe, listen to and identify the birds that populate New Caledonia’s lands and skies. A genuine plunge into the heart of the forest’s enchanting sounds and melodies.

3. Take a forest bath

Have you explored the wonders of sylvotherapy? Originating from Japan, this therapeutic practice involves revitalising oneself in the presence of trees. Absorb the rejuvenating oxygen they emit, embrace their serene strength, and traverse the forest with heightened awareness of its sounds and fragrances. Forest bathing offers a tranquil, invigorating, and wellness-inducing experience. Whether undertaken individually or as part of a dedicated workshop within the Great Ferns Park, take pleasure in a profound reconnection with nature and relish the guaranteed rejuvenation it brings!

4. Swimming in creeks and rivers

Within and in the vicinity of the Park, discover several creeks and rivers beckoning for a refreshing dip in their cool waters. Cradled amid the park’s lush vegetation, uncover the “Heart of Farino”, a natural marvel sculpted into the rock and fed by the river’s pristine waters. Keep a watchful eye for this captivating oasis!

5. Lunch at one of the nearby tables d'hôtes

Venture to the renowned Station Verte de Farino, celebrated not only for its nature park but also for its ecotourism gîtes and tables d’hôtes meals. Place yourself in the heart of nature’s abundance, savouring regional specialties, and relish exclusive moments of connection with the welcoming locals…