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Top 6 best islets

of New Caledonia

New Caledonia is graced with enchanting islands and islets, nestled within the lagoon’s embrace and safeguarded by the coral reef. Whether developed, wild, or remote, you’ll effortlessly find your slice of paradise.

Explore the islands & islets

of New Caledonia

Most of the Caledonian islets, nestled within marine protected areas, are formed from coral remnants amassed by ocean currents. These natural sanctuaries offer a glimpse of vibrant marine life and avian wonders. On these islets, you can unwind, picnic, explore the seabed, and partake in water sports, all while adhering to conservation guidelines. Here’s our curated selection of the most exquisite islets off Grande Terre and the Isle of Pines.

Amédée island


This small island, measuring just 400 metres in length and 270 metres in width, is a haven of vivid, unspoiled beauty. The lagoon’s turquoise blue harmonises with the pristine white shoreline and lush tropical greenery. At its heart stands the grand Amédée lighthouse, accessible after ascending nearly 247 steps. On land, the beach beckons for leisurely strolls around the islet. In the water, abundant activities await, including swimming, snorkelling, diving, and stand-up paddling.

Îlot Brosse

The Islands

Nestled in the Isle of Pines  lagoon, this captivating islet graces Kuto Bay. Known for its columnar pines, or araucarias, and unique shape, Brush Islet is a popular destination for a full- or half-day boat excursion. Here, you can revel in swimming amidst colourful fish and coral, wander through the verdant landscape, and savour a renowned lobster-based meal beneath the shelter of a traditional faré.

Tibarama islet

East Coast

Favoured by divers, this islet off Poindimié on the east coast boasts extraordinary underwater flora and fauna. Distinguished by sightings of the rare ribbon moray eel in open water and an array of preserved corals, Tibarama offers a captivating spectacle whether you’re snorkelling or scuba diving.

Ténia islet

West Coast

Embark from Boulouparis on a 20-minute taxi-boat journey to reach Ténia Islet, nestled within an exceptional marine reserve. This pristine slice of nature is perfect for a weekend bivouac, immersing you in the heart of untamed wilderness. Equipped with just a mask, flippers, and snorkel, you can observe a plethora of marine life. A short distance away, the Saint Vincent pass is a renowned surfing spot. If you prefer kayaks and paddles, simply inquire with the taxi-boat company overseeing the islet.

Îlot Canard and Îlot Maître


Mere minutes from the capital, the Duck and Master islets provide every convenience for a relaxing day out. With bars, restaurants, parasols, and deckchairs, one of them even boasts a stilted hotel for an overnight escape. Snorkelling enthusiasts will find the clear blue waters teeming with diverse and friendly marine life.

Notable Tip

On certain evenings throughout the year, special events take place on Duck Island, offering the perfect opportunity for festive fun!

Casy islet

Great South

Nestled in the Great South near the Aiguille de Prony (Prony’s needle), Casy Islet houses remarkable biodiversity, with over 80% of its plant life being endemic. Accessible by boat from the Baie de la Somme, this unoccupied islet invites exploration along a well-marked path that takes about an hour. Snorkelling enthusiasts can marvel at the coral and fish, and adventurous souls can camp out for the night. Casy Islet is the epitome of an adventurous getaway!