Horseback ride to the lagoon at MoindouHorseback ride to the lagoon at Moindou
©Horseback ride to the lagoon at Moindou|Oneye Production

Horse Riding Adventures

in New Caledonia

Embark on an extraordinary equestrian journey to explore the captivating landscapes of New Caledonia, whether it’s along the coastline, through the Brousse (the Bush), or in the foothills of the Central Mountain Range!

Explore the region on horseback

On horseback, embark on a pure and exotic adventure that unveils breathtaking vistas in an entirely unique way. New Caledonia offers horse riding experiences that traverse paradise beaches, ridgelines with vistas of the turquoise lagoon, arid plains, lush forests, and meandering rivers. Equestrian traditions hold a special place, especially within the Broussarde (French cowboys) culture, where stockmen navigate their vast properties on horseback. It’s not uncommon to encounter free-roaming wildlife; in fact, wild horses can be spotted in New Caledonia, predominantly in the northern reaches of Grande Terre. Discover the finest destinations for horse riding and enjoy the liberating sensation of being on the saddle!

Central Mountain Chain

West Coast

Whether from the mountainous terrain of the Deva Domain, the sprawling Great Ferns Park, or the plains of Koné and Koumac, exploring these untamed expanses on horseback is an enriching way to immerse yourself in the Broussarde (French cowboys) atmosphere. With ochre-hued plains, niaouli tree savannahs, hidden creeks, and verdant forests, the heart of New Caledonia offers an array of landscapes. Travel between mid-mountain locales and rolling plains, embarking on day treks or multi-day journeys with overnight stays in a gîte or tribal village, allowing for an immersive experience in Kanak culture.

Poé Beach

West Coast

In Bourail, horseback riding harmonises beautifully with the scenic coastline. Enjoy a delightful ride along the Poé beach, serenaded by the soothing sounds of crashing waves. It’s a moment to inhale the invigorating sea breeze and rejuvenate amidst a remarkable backdrop. The equestrian journey continues through dry forests and beneath the shade of magnificent century-old banyan trees, ultimately reaching the ranch. The pinnacle experience: a gallop on the beach at sunset, reminiscent of scenes from the movies!

Lebris Islet

West Coast

Departing from La Foa, several service providers offer horseback rides to the Lebris peninsula. This delightful day’s ride takes you right to the beach, adding an element of thrill as you cross the inlet. A refreshing sea bath awaits you, along with a pristine, secluded beach where you can relish the beauty of your surroundings in tranquillity. Îlot Lebris offers all the ingredients for a perfect day on land and sea!

The off-the-beaten-track experience

Dive into the world of stockmen by participating in equestrian games hosted during local agricultural festivals. Gain insights into the art of Western riding!

Ouenghi River

West Coast

In Boulouparis, the region’s equestrian centre, nestled amidst the verdant lawns of the golf course, provides horse-riding enthusiasts the opportunity to explore a diverse range of landscapes and enjoy exhilarating gallops in the Ouenghi River. Don’t miss the invigorating break that includes horse swimming!

Cattle breeding properties

West and East Coasts

Generous breeders open their vast properties to travellers for an authentic, immersive stay. Horse riding enthusiasts can not only traverse the lush, green hills and valleys on horseback but also witness the cattle herding and bathing process. Delight in a delicious meal crafted from local and farm-fresh produce.

Dumbéa River


Nature enthusiasts can relish a cool, shaded stroll along the Dumbéa River, where a unique experience awaits as horses gracefully traverse the water. Nearby chambre d’hôtes and tables d’hôtes offer opportunities for a full day of enjoyment, including river swims.

More information

The Comité Calédonien de Tourisme Equestre (CCTE) bestows a quality label upon equestrian establishments that meet specific criteria, including certifications, insurance coverage, and declarations. This label serves as an assurance of quality, safety, and professionalism for riders. In New Caledonia, the labelled centres include Karikaté Randonnées in Païta, Le Ranch de la Courie in Bourail, Le Lucky Club in Boulouparis, Les 3 Creeks in Koumac, Far West Ranch in Moindou, Le Yala Ranch in Dumbéa, Pocquereux Randonnées in La Foa, and Les 3 Boucles in Thio