The Grande Randonnée trail in southern New CaledoniaWalking the GR® NC1 in the red lands of the South
©Walking the GR® NC1 in the red lands of the South|Terres de Lumière

Top Great South Experiences

Are you a nature enthusiast and an adventure seeker? Embark on a journey to the Great South, where an array of outdoor activities awaits. Comprising the villages of Yaté and Mont-Dore, the southernmost region of New Caledonia’s Grande Terre offers nature reserves, rivers, lakes, and abundant biodiversity. Whether you prefer hiking or mountain biking in Blue River Park, encountering the unique cagou bird, or watching humpback whales, the Great South promises a beautiful escape. You’ll have these stunning landscapes almost entirely to yourself, making it the perfect getaway just one hour from Nouméa. Plan your adventure with our selection of must-see attractions in the Great South of Grande Terre!

Kayak through the Drowned Forest


Let the moonlight guide your kayak through this enchanting forest and spend the night in a bivouac in the heart of Parc de la Rivière Bleue.

Enjoy a tribal welcome


The tribes of the Great South welcome you for a meal or an overnight stay. Don’t miss the chance to try the iconic Kanak dish, “bougna,” and learn how to prepare it.

Hike to the summit of Mont-Dore

A challenging climb to an 800-metre-high summit rewards you with panoramic views of the Great South, including the lagoon, rivers, forests, and more.

Step back in time at the penal colony


Explore the village hidden beneath banyan trees and delve into the history of New Caledonia’s logging and mining.

Meet the whales


Witness the thrilling spectacle of humpback whale watching in the warm waters of South Caledonia from July to September.

Explore the hiking trails

Mont-Dore, Yaté

Unroll your adventure on well-marked trails through the red earth, surrounded by endemic nature. Options range from family-friendly paths to the long-distance GR® NC1 trail.

Admire the cagous in their natural habitat

The Blue River Provincial Park houses the country’s largest population of cagous, a flightless bird with the unique characteristic of barking.

Bathe at the Wadiana waterfall


These 30-metre-high waterfalls in the Goro tribe create a refreshing natural waterhole, perfect for cooling off in the hot season.

Admire at the Great Lakes


The Great Lakes region, dominated by Lake Yaté, offers stunning contrasts between the blue lake, red laterite earth, and green forests on the horizon.

Discover the Madeleine Falls


Explore a protected reserve showcasing New Caledonia’s endemic flora via a universally accessible walking trail leading to the falls.

Mountain bike in the Blue River Park


Sports enthusiasts and adventurers of all levels will have a great time on the mountain bike trails, surrounded by gum oaks, kaori trees and native plants! You can rent your own equipment on site: adult or child mountain bikes, trailers, electric bikes, tandems… there’s something for everyone! The trail map provided at the park entrance allows you to find your way around the trails according to your fitness level, and it’s even possible to combine mountain biking and kayaking to get a complete overview of the park.

Four-wheel drive on red trails


Embark on a 4×4 adventure for unprecedented high-altitude views and uncharted roads in the Great South.

Bathe in hot springs


Explore secluded hot springs hidden amidst lush vegetation for a tranquil swim in the heart of nature.

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The Great South

The Great South is a land of adventure and a haven for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. This region combines nature parks, hiking trails, rivers, and lakes to satisfy every craving for escape.