Sea outing at the foot of the Lifou cliffsSea outing at the foot of the Lifou cliffs
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10 must-see and do in Lifou

From Nouméa, a quick 40-minute flight will transport you to the heart of Kanak culture on the islands of New Caledonia. Lifou, the largest of the Loyalty Islands, offers all the ingredients for an active and exotic getaway. From authentic tribal encounters to beautiful beaches and vibrant coral reefs, the island’s natural beauty is matched only by the warm hospitality of its inhabitants. If you’re curious about nature, you’ll find hidden treasures at the end of trails, just a stone’s throw from the shore, within caves, and atop cliffs. The key to discovering them? Engaging with the locals, staying with the tribes, while respecting local customs. Your journey into the spirit of the Loyalty Islands begins right here with this inspiring list of must-do Lifou experiences!

Contemplating the cliffs

by Jokin

Overlook the sparkling waters below and witness the island’s formation with layers of fossilised coral. These cliffs offer fantastic ocean views, and if you visit between July and September, you might spot humpback whales passing by. You can then head to the foot of the cliffs to dive in the beautiful clear waters.

Dive into the natural aquarium

of Jinek Bay

Equip yourself with a mask, snorkel and fins and dive into the waters of Jinek Bay, a true natural aquarium where you can observe an incredible diversity of tropical fish and coral! Renowned for offering some of the finest tankless diving experiences in the South Pacific, only 200 lucky visitors (100 in the morning and 100 in the afternoon) are allowed into the marine reserve each day, ensuring that the ecosystem remains relatively untouched by human activity.

Immerse yourself in Kanak culture

and sample local cuisine

Live a unique experience by staying with a tribe! Spend the night in a traditional Kanak hut, try local dishes, and learn about customs that make this South Pacific culture special. The inhabitants of Lifou are warm and friendly, and you’ll feel right at home. Although it’s not an obligation, you can bring your host a small gift as a sign of respect.

Visit a vanilla plantation

Vanilla production is widespread on Lifou, and it’s of great economic and cultural importance. Visit one of the island’s vanilla plantations to understand the planting and cultivation of this delicious spice. Before you leave, visit the Maison de la Vanille to buy some vanilla beans, syrups or sugars.

Discover the hidden beach of Kiki

Kiki Beach is certainly one of the prettiest in New Caledonia. A discreet treasure, you’ll have to pay a right-of-way fee to take the magnificent path that leads you there, between fields and columnar pines. The view of the coast from the top of the cliff is one of the most beautiful beach shots you’ll ever capture… Get ready to strike a pose!

Admire the view

from Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes

A picturesque little chapel accessible by a short stroll and offering magnificent views over the Jinek Bay and beyond: that’s what awaits you at Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes! Built in 1898 to commemorate the arrival of Catholic missionaries in New Caledonia, the chapel and its gleaming white walls overlook the ocean. Linger at the panoramic viewpoint, before entering the building, a typical example of Caledonian Catholic architecture.

Browse the stalls of the Wé market

There’s no better introduction to a new destination than experiencing the local cuisine. Explore the stalls at the market in Wé, the island’s capital, to smell and taste various fresh produce. You may be able to witness a wild bingo game when the market finishes!

Relax at Luengoni or Peng Beach

These beaches boast fine white sand, transparent waters, and idyllic settings with coral rocks. Luengöni is ideal for turtle-watching and snorkelling, while Peng offers a dreamy sunset spot.

Visit the island's caves


Several amazing caves will attract the naturally curious! Magnificent water holes hidden in vegetation, the Luengöni jewels can be visited with the help of a guide. You can even dive in to admire its cavities and deep blue water. The Jila cave and the grotte du Diable are two other sites located on customary land to explore during your stay!

Day-trip to Tiga

Experience this tiny, well-hidden treasure in the Loyalty Islands. Away from the tourist flow, you can visit Tiga on a day-trip with the catamaran Ieneic. Allow 2 hours for the crossing from Lifou and enjoy a 3-hour stroll with a local guide. If time permits, experience an authentic tribal welcome by sleeping in a traditional hut. Note that there are no shops or restaurants on-site. Air Loyauté operates several flights a week.

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Explore Lifou, the island of many faces! A change of scenery and authentic tribal encounters are the ingredients of this unforgettable stay on the largest Loyalty island…