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10 must-see and do in Maré

Maré, the wildest of the Loyalty Islands, beckons with its rugged nature, deserted beaches, and a population rooted in deep-seated Kanak traditions. For an unforgettable experience, don your hiking boots and ascend the coral cliffs at Shabadran. Then, unwind on the pristine beaches of Wabao or Kurine and savour the mesmerising sunset at the “Saut du Guerrier”. The island offers a plethora of other activities, from exploring tribal life to delving into hidden caves and indulging in local markets and festivals. Let encounters and emotions guide your exploration! Seeking inspiration? Here are ten enticing ideas for your Maré adventure.

Secret coves

Enjoy pristine paradise beaches in Maré without the crowds. Explore secluded bays and untouched stretches of sand with a rental car. Eni Bay invites you for a refreshing swim in turquoise waters, while Wabao Bay provides a breathtaking backdrop for photos with its white sands, coral rocks, and columnar pines. Head to Pehde beach at sunset for a picture-perfect aperitif location.

Admire the water holes

Visit the gouffre of the Bone Hole, located around 3 km from La Roche. This deep cavity is filled with crystal-clear water and features a sandy bottom adorned with trees. The site is known for its impressive acoustics, so be sure to test the echo. Three kilometres from Tadine, the Maré Natural Aquarium offers a large rocky basin with exceptionally clear water, allowing you to spot colourful fishes, corals, and the occasional turtle from the shore (swimming is prohibited).

Hiking along the cliffs

Embark on guided hikes to explore Maré’s most beautiful panoramas! The Shabadran Terraces to the south to discover a landscape of steep cliffs jutting out into the ocean, Asicen hike and its trails overlooking the Nece chiefdom, discovering the mysteries of the Kanak forest, Circuit des Cinq plages au Cap Wabao…. By booking these hikes, you’ll have the privilege of accessing incredible places that are usually closed to the public…

Experience the Kanak Customary Gesture

When welcomed into a Maré tribe, take part in the coutume, a significant social ritual. This involves exchanging small gifts (such as a piece of cloth, a 1,000 XPF bill, or a packet of coffee) and speeches with the tribal chief upon entering a tribe.

Visit the Tadine market

Every Tuesday and Friday, the Tadine market offers a chance to connect with Maré’s locals, sample delightful specialties, and purchase mementos of your island stay. Highlights include vanilla, honey, and other local products.

Relax on Yédjélé or Wabao beach

Yédjélé Beach is ideal for swimming and snorkelling, allowing you to observe coral and tropical fish in the lagoon. South of Maré, Wabao Beach is a picture-perfect postcard setting with white sands, turquoise waters, coral rocks, coconut palms, and columnar pines. Often deserted, it’s the perfect spot for sunbathing and peaceful swimming.

Discover the Warrior’s Leap Legend

Perched 30 metres above sea level, Saut du Guerrier (Warrior’s Leap) is a mythical site in Maré. Local legend tells of a warrior making an incredible 7-metre leap to safety on the other side of a gaping fault while surrounded by enemies. Enjoy the scenic view as you contemplate this legendary feat!

Visit the Pethoen cave

Featuring stunning stalactites, Pethoen Cave attracts visitors with its mysterious beauty. Crystal-clear waters and lush vegetation surround this limestone cave, hinting at a thriving ecosystem below the water’s surface.

Celebrating Avocado Day

The tribe of Nece organises the Fête de l’Avocat (Avocado Festival) each year, a three-day celebration of Maré’s fruit and traditions. The event offers a wide range of activities, shows, and tribal huts with table d’hôtes.

Reconnecting with nature

Maré remains a well-kept secret in the South Pacific, largely untouched by tourist development, making it the ideal place to disconnect from modern life’s demands. Whether you prefer lounging on the beach, immersing yourself in dense rainforests, or admiring the sunset at Mebuet Bay surrounded by columnar pines, Maré offers numerous ways to recharge your spirit.

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Set sail for Maré, the wildly beautiful Loyalty Island, popular with adventurers in search of rugged natural beauty and a population steeped in unspoiled traditions!