View of Mouli bridge in OuvéaView of Mouli bridge in Ouvéa
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10 must-see and do in Ouvéa

For those in search of authentic experiences against a picturesque backdrop, Ouvéa atoll offers a diverse array of activities that promise an extraordinary stay. With its 25 kilometres of pristine white sandy beaches, a UNESCO World Heritage-listed lagoon, and the majestic cliffs of Lékiny, it’s no wonder why Ouvéa is affectionately known as “the island closest to paradise.” Embark on enchanting adventures both south and north of the island, guided by locals, and explore the unspoiled beauty of this unique destination. No visit is complete without engaging with Ouvéa’s welcoming community and experiencing the hospitality of a Kanak tribe. Join us as we unveil the top things to do in Ouvéa for an unforgettable journey in the Loyalty Islands!

Hike to Hnimëk

to Discover the Shark Nursery

Embark on an extraordinary journey to get up close with the lagoon’s sharks! Guided by a native islander, this adventure starts with a 4X4 ride followed by a picturesque walk through coconut groves and crystal-clear waters. The highlight? An encounter with lemon, white-tip, and black-tip sharks at the entrance to the “nursery.”

Sail towards the Pleiades

South or North

Savour the opportunity to witness manta rays, turtles, and vibrant marine life amidst breathtaking coral formations! The Pléiades du Sud and Pléiades du Nord, located to the south and north of Ouvéa, beckon with ideal settings for boat trips, leisurely strolls, snorkelling, and picnicking, all guided by a local expert.

Swim in turquoise waters

at Mouli beach

A must-see attraction on Ouvéa atoll, the Mouli Bridge serves as the sole link between the island’s south and north. Pause on the footbridge for stunning photo opportunities, observe turtles and stingrays below, then descend to the exquisite Mouli Beach. Stretching over 2 kilometres, it ranks among Ouvéa’s most pristine beaches. After relaxing in the sand, indulge in a lagoon-view cocktail at Paradis d’Ouvéa hotel.

Explore the cliffs of Lékiny

For a profound connection with nature, embark on a guided excursion to the Lekiny Cliffs! Adorned with lush vegetation, these awe-inspiring rock formations provide an unforgettable adventure, including a water crossing on foot. During high tide, ensure to have a waterproof bag! This remarkable journey alternates between cliffside hikes, cave exploration, and snorkelling among vibrant lagoon fish.

Dance with manta rays

Did you know that manta rays can boast a wingspan of up to 7 metres? Ouvéa atoll, alongside the Isle of Pines, stands out as one of the prime spots to witness these majestic creatures. Opt for a snorkelling expedition or nautical tour in the Pleiades for an awe-inspiring encounter with these graceful giants

Experience a Tribal Welcome

and Prepare the Bougna

The people of the Loyalty Islands are eager to share their history and traditions with visitors. In Ouvéa, as throughout New Caledonia, you must partake in the customary ritual before entering tribal lands. This symbolic ceremony, conducted in the presence of the tribal chief, grants you access to the daily life of a Kanak tribe. Among the highlights of this tribal welcome, preparing bougna, the iconic dish, provides an intimate insight into Kanak culture—a must during your stay!

Relax on Fayaoué beach

Stretching as far as the eye can see, Fayaoué Beach boasts white sands and an unparalleled turquoise lagoon. Extending for a staggering 25 kilometres along the main island of Ouvéa, it offers opportunities for sunbathing, strolling, and swimming. Yet, the true highlight lies in the sunset, one of New Caledonia’s most breathtaking spectacles!

Marvel at Hanawa's Blue Hole

One of Ouvéa atoll’s hidden gems, the Hanawa Blue Hole is a destination worthy of exploration. Tucked within private property, this azure wonder is accessible for a small entrance fee. Follow a scenic path leading to the first water basin, surrounded by coral and lush vegetation. The blue hue is particularly striking and profound here. Underground paths connect it to the sea, and further exploration leads to a second captivating hole amidst the scrubland.

Discover Anubet cave

With a local guide as your companion, follow a forested trail to reach this open cave. Along the way, you can observe the island’s rich flora and fauna, including Ouvéa’s renowned parakeet. The Anubet Cave, though deep, offers crystal-clear waters, inviting you to take a refreshing dip.

Visit the Ouvéa soap factory

Situated 6 kilometres north of Wadrilla, the Ouvéa coconut oil distillery produces approximately 200 tons of oil annually. This precious resource is used in crafting traditional Ouvéa soaps and holds significant economic importance for the island. During your stay, don’t miss the opportunity to tour the distillery and purchase some of Ouvéa’s cherished traditional soaps.

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For those yearning for authentic experiences amidst a postcard-perfect backdrop, the Ouvéa atoll is an absolute treasure trove of landscapes. Located in the heart of the South Pacific, set sail for “the island closest to paradise”!