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15 best things to do in Bourail

Situated in the western part of New Caledonia, Bourail charms visitors with its UNESCO World Heritage lagoon and welcoming local culture. Renowned for its natural wonders such as Roche Percée, Baie des Tortues, and Plage de Poé, as well as the hospitable spirit of its residents, this destination invites you to explore New Caledonia’s Brousse (countryside) while offering a wide range of leisure activities. From water and aerial sports to hiking trails, wellness retreats, livestock farms, and tribal encounters, the diverse range of activities caters to active travellers seeking adventure and relaxation.

Let our selection of the 15 best things to do in Bourail inspire your journey!

Try Surfing in Bourail

Glide along the only beach break spot in New Caledonia on Roche Percée beach or venture to the barrier reef for thrilling waves and stunning coral reef views.

Learn kitesurfing in Poé

The west coast of New Caledonia boasts renowned kitesurfing spots, with Poé offering ideal conditions for gliding and windsurfing, suitable for all skill levels!

Golf at the Deva Domain

Enjoy a game of golf on the luxurious 18-hole course at Domaine de Deva, nestled between the sea and mountains, and stay at the dreamy Sheraton de Deva complex.

Skydive over the lagoon

Experience an adrenaline rush with a jump over the lagoon at Poé airfield, offering breathtaking views of the Bouraillaise region’s coral reef, central chain, and golden plains.

Attend a Bush Fair Rodeo

Immerse yourself in the Wild West spirit of the West Coast by joining festivals and fairs, where you can witness the daily life of cattle ranchers. Keep an eye out for the list of events in the region.

Horseback riding on the beach

Explore the water’s edge on horseback in Bourail, where horses enjoy bathing in the lagoon, providing a spectacular experience. Discover horse rides offered by Bourail’s equestrian centres.

Fly over the lagoon

UNESCO World Heritage Site

Embark on thrilling flights, including ULMs, paramotors, and seaplanes departing from Poé aerodrome, offering scenic views of mountains, plains, and coral reefs. Flights usually last between 30 minutes and 1 hour. Another way to explore the incredible landscapes of the region.

Join a bush barbecue

during a ranch visit

Spend a day immersed in the life of stockmen on the West Coast, where you’ll learn about the Broussard culture, history, and traditions.

Experience a tribal welcome and a bougna feast

Venture inland to the Chaîne Centrale (Central Mountain Range) and enjoy a unique experience with Kanak tribes, including tasting the bougna, the emblematic Kanak dish.

Admire the lagoon

from the Deva Domain’s heights

Explore various trails within the Deva Domain, leading to scenic viewpoints offering panoramic vistas of the lagoon and mountains. Equip yourself with the Deva Domain’s trails map and choose your hike!

Swim with turtles

Fulfil your dream of swimming alongside sea turtles by snorkelling in Poé lagoon, where you’ll have the chance to spot these magnificent creatures near Green Island (l’Île Verte).

Relax with a massage

at the Sheraton Deva Hotel spa

Indulge in a rejuvenating spa session at the seafront Sheraton Deva Hotel, allowing you to unwind and embrace the holiday spirit.

Hike the 3 bays trail

Enjoy an accessible hike along this trail, which leads you to picturesque bays nestled amid lush vegetation, offering stunning views of the lagoon and columnar pines.

Take a break at La Roche Percée

During your stay, make a stop at La Roche Percée (the Pierced Rock). Identifiable by its Bonhomme(man)-shaped rock, the spot offers a grandiose glimpse of the Baie des Tortues (Turtle Bay) on one side and the Roche Percée beach on the other. At sunset, the colours add even more magic to the place. This is also the starting/finishing point of the 3-bay trail, making it an ideal place to rest after your walk.

Diving on the barrier reef

New Caledonia’s West Lagoon, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers a fantastic playground for observing fishes, turtles and multicoloured corals. The water is transparent, with little current: ideal conditions for snorkelling or scuba diving. From La Roche Percée, Poé beach or the Sheraton Deva, excursions can be organised to admire the underwater beauty!

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Bourail is the epitome of a leisure destination, offering not only captivating seaside attractions but also a warm-hearted terroir (local culture). Take advantage of the multitude of cultural and sporting activities it has to offer