Shabadran Bay

  • Cliff
  • Coral reef
  • Bay
Kurine 98878 Maré
The small bay of Shabadran, protected by a collection of cliffs and columnar pines is one of the most beautiful sites in New Caledonia, it is accessible via an excursion that is as unforgettable as it is demanding!
For sure one of the most beautiful sites in Caledonia. Find Damas Bearune at the Kurin Tribe to find out the conditions of access to Shabadran (pronounced "Chabadjane"). A 4x4 vehicle is the most convenient way to cross the first 7 km of coconut grove and then a hike of two good hours starts, interspersed with scents of the sea, sometimes over coral ledges (often sharp as a razor) and overlooking the deep blue of the sea that crashes onto a flat terraced coral platform below. The end of this...


Shabadran Bay
Kurine 98878 Maré

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