Wailu Festival

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Hnawayac 98878 Maré
At the end of July, the Hnawayac tribe organizes its "Waylu" festival, a white-fleshed yam much used in traditional bougna. 3 days of celebration around another of Nengone's flagship products.
Every year, the Hayu association brings together producers and farmers from all 4 corners of Nengone to organize the Waylu festival. The festivities take place in the Hnawayac tribe (Guahma district), located on the island's northern plateau. A new opportunity to promote and sell local agricultural production ahead of the famous Loyalty Islands Fair in September.

Wailu, a yam like no other.
We know the island of Maré as the agricultural granary of the Loyalty Islands, where many local...


Wailu Festival
Hnawayac 98878 Maré

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